Traveling is a part of me. When I was little, I used to pretend that I spoke thousands of languages so that I could talk to all the people I met as I traveled. I made up my languages as I pretended to travel around the world from my bedroom. I didn’t ever actually leave the pretend world that existed within the walls of my room until 2012 when my Campus Ministry went to Haiti during our winter break. Since then, I have had the privilege and opportunity to visit a new place each year, Zambia in 2013, Guatemala in 2014, and Mexico in 2015. My wanderlust is not unique, there are thousands of blogs chronicling peoples experiences around the world, and their individual desires to wander endlessly. This blog is not meant to be unique. This blog is meant for me, to have a place where I can account for my experiences, and share with anyone who would like to journey with me. It is a living example of the person I was, and who I am becoming, and how my travel is impacting that. I started this blog  in the summer of 2013 to share my experience in Zambia with anybody who wanted to share in it. I was about to start my senior year at Virginia Tech and was ready to embark on a very exciting adventure. Looking back at my Zambian blog posts, I would change a lot, mostly I would urge my past self to proof read. But I can also see how much I have learned and grown since writing those entries. I could change them, or edit them, or provide corrections to them, but I won’t. Instead I will learn from them. They are a part of my story and we cannot rewrite our stories, we can only expand on them. When I started this blog I wanted it to be a place where I could share not only my Zambian experience, but also any future travel. I am ready to live up to that. This blog will be a living journal of my travel story. I will add to it past posts from other sites and as I continue to travel it will grow with me. This will be place to tell my story, and for you to join in it.


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